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renaissance paintings - two angels after lippi

"Two Angels" (detail) after Filipino Lippi
Oil on canvas, 12" x 16" Collection of the artist


spacer A portion of my learning process in painting was to copy works of the Old Masters. Early in my career, the Masters offered me many an opportunity to puzzle over the miracles of their rendering. I enjoy the challenge of working in this way and welcome commissioned work.

renaissance paintings - a still life after peale

A Still Life after Peale
Oil on canvas, 12" x 16" Private Collection

renaissance paintings - portrait of a young man after del sarto

"Portrait of a Young Man" after del Sarto
Oil on linen, 22" x 28" Private Collection

renaissance paintings - still life after caravaggio

A Still Life after Caravaggio
Oil on panel, 15" x 20" Private Collection

renaissance paintings - st. rahael and tobias

spacer "St. Rahael and Tobias" after Perugino
spacer Oil on linen, 26" x 46" Private Collection

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